Blog 54. Proprietary estoppel/Trusts

Groom v Leafbusters Pty Ltd (in liq) [2021] VSC 765, Cavanough J (20 November 2021).

Olsen v Olsen [2022] VSC 95, Ierodiaconou AsJ, (1 March 2022).

Konkoly v Konkoly & Anor [2022] VSC 74, Irving AsJ, (23 February 2022).

These cases concern trusts, mainly what Cavanough J compendiously described as the “common intention constructive trust (by way of proprietary estoppel)” (Groom v Leafbusters Pty Ltd (in liq)) at [4].  In that case caveats were lodged over a property based on various forms of trust.  In a long judgment following a final hearing, ie not a proceeding under the Transfer of Land Act s. 90(3), Cavanough J found that the claims of the caveator to an interest in land failed on the facts.  His Honour also stated certain legal points, one of which was engaged in the other two cases which were proceedings under s. 90(3).  In Olsen the caveator established a serious question to be tried of an interest in land based on proprietary estoppel or a constructive trust.  In Konkoly the caveator failed to establish a serious question to be tried of any interest in land. Continue reading “Blog 54. Proprietary estoppel/Trusts”